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Special Force Online 1.0.1

01.13.2012, ANDROID GAMES, by .
Special Force Online 1.0.1

Special forces Special Force Online is made by the Dragonfly development of leisure against type network Game, due to its excellent athletic quality, and the “Special forces” and “warcraft”, “counter-terrorism” and so on the Game into a including together OnGameNet and MBC Game, a competitive match official project of world class.

Android transplantation by Mobicle and Dragonfly version joint production, at present already in South Korea open free open beta, using the game free of charge props way, throw in 150000 SP game points, also need to 3 G or WiFi support in order to get good online competitive experience.

Now the games provide have three free role optional, shop in AK74, M4A1, WA2000 M16A2, wait for more than 10 kinds of weapons can purchase experience, players can choose people fight and a competitive team two model, a factory, railway stations, oil depot wait five map can be chosen.

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